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Standing seam panels

Standing seam panel

Standing seam panel

Standing seam panel

  • Total width: 555 mm
  • Covering width: 507 mm
  • min L - 1300 mm
  • g = 0,50 mm
Cross-section of Standing seam panel

Gives the possibility of making tuck flicks along the eave flashing, which stiffens the entire profile and creates the entire line for the eaves.
Quick and easy installation.

Timeless appearance and universal application. Ideal even for small roof slopes of 8° (14%) and for complex roof structures.

The installation of the roof is fast and simple, taking only three steps: making the assembly holes, installing the snap fasteners, then closing and aligning.

The result is durable due to the high stiffness and the protection from thermal deformation (thanks to the special panel profiles, ideal for all climatic conditions).


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